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“A Trader Who Teaches Bankers And Hedge Fund Managers
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Vladimir Ribakov is without doubt one of the most
highly respected names in trading.

He is the author of two best-selling books on trading
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Today he has a massive gift for you and asks nothing in

A system you can learn in the next hour and could be
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It’s called the ‘Double Profit Levels’ system. Grab it
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It’s a system that uses custom indicators (also free)
and can be traded on all timeframes and currency pairs.

It’s a visual system, so you simply need to watch the
charts and take action when specific conditions are
met. One of the indicators scans the charts looking for
a specific candle formation before alerting the trader.

The rest of the indicators serve as confirmation of the

One of the unique things about this system is the
entry, it uses a technique that ensures you only enter
a trade when the momentum is in your favor.

I can assure you have not seen a system like this
before. The system rules are designed to filter out bad
trades. When the conditions are met you can be pretty
sure the trade you enter has a high probability of

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– The two unique, custom indicators are yours at
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– Vlad even made a video where he walks you
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All the best,
Jeff Davis

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